How can clutter make such an impact?

This past weekend was Family Day Weekend in most parts of Canada and President’s Day for all you US folks – a long weekend in the middle of February. We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at our shared condo on the ski hill, a little space called “Snowy Dreams”.

I could share with you all the great things about being up there; things like the snow, the great outdoors, family games and hanging out together. And all those things ARE great. But what I find almost better than everything else is the peace I feel almost as soon as we arrive.

The condo is fully but minimally furnished so when we go up we only need to bring personal items. A small bag of clothes, some books and games, dog stuff (which is probably the biggest amount of stuff) and food. My husband still thinks that we bring too many things, but once we get there and everything goes into its specific spot, it the place is uncluttered and easy to be in.

When I’m there, I find that I am calmer and more peaceful and I have so much less anxiety than in my regular day to day life.

I hadn’t really consciously thought about this before, but this weekend I had a chance to read a blog post written by Rachel Jones of Nourishing Minimalism (you might remember that I interviewed her last year in my Reclaim Your Life Interview Series). Anyway, her blog was all about the cycle between Depression, Anxiety and Clutter.

I won’t repeat what she has already said so well, but after I read the blog, and as I sat in a home that just felt so good to be in (with space in the cupboards and fridge, space on the shelves, space everywhere yet still met all our needs), I realized how true it is that the space around us impacts our mental health.

It is the same with the clutter in our calendars and the obligations we have in our lives. The more that is there, the less well we feel.

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Remember how opening space in your life can give you the peace and calm you may so desire.


How does this apply to you? Share in the comments below!





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