How taking small action can kick start your dreams! 


I’ve just finished reading the book Playing Big by Tara Mohr. I found most of the book to be very worthwhile and useful and over the next few months you may notice me mentioning it again. Today I thought I would share a concept that I think can be helpful for most of us.

When we have a goal or a hope or a dream but find ourselves stuck in place, it can seem impossible to take action towards that goal. And when no action is taken, it gives our inner critic or gremlin, the chance to step up, get loud and say lots of negative, not useful things to us. Things like “you never do anything”, “you’ll never be successful”, “you’re a failure” and more.

But when we’re thinking about it, taking action can actually seem impossible.

Especially if the goal or hope or dream is something that really matters. Because fear will have been triggered, and fear causes the fight, flight or freeze reaction. You might even find yourself walking away from your dream, convincing yourself that, not only are you not good enough, the idea isn’t good enough either.

This standing still is reflected in Newton’s First Law (Law of Inertia), which states:  An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. But what we’re hoping to achieve is momentum. In physics, momentum is the property or tendency of a moving object to continue moving. 

When Action Seems Impossible, What Do You Do?

In order to move towards our goals, we need to get into motion – then it is a lot easier to stay in motion.  One way to get into motion is to take a “leap”.

A leap is a small but concrete action that gets you moving,


that you don’t spend too much time planning before doing.

A leap isn’t your full dream – it is simply a step that helps get you moving.

If your goal is to become more fit, the leap might be to pick up the phone to sign up for the Pilates class you’ve been thinking about for months.

If your dream is to start teaching a class, the leap might be to book a location and invite your community to attend a free class – you’ll be standing at the front of the room and your people will get to see you there.

If your hope is to start making a difference in the lives of some others but you don’t know how you could do this, the leap might be to phone and book an appointment with the executive director at an agency you know does this kind of work to ask how you might get more involved.

If your dream is to live in an uncluttered home, the leap might be to start with one closet or small room in your home.

As you can see, when you’ve completed a leap, you have not achieved your goal, but you will have learned something, you will be better able to quiet that voice in your head, and it will be a bit clearer what the next step needs to be to get closer to your dream!

When I work with my coaching clients, part of the process is taking leaps.

My job is to help you articulate the dream then figure out what the first small steps (leaps) are to take action towards the dream. It is exciting to see when people slowly start moving because after a while the momentum grows and action becomes part of the day to day – not something to work so hard at strive for!

Let me know what leap you’re choosing in the comments below!





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